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Monday, July 18, 2011

Custom Pillows - A Great "Green" Way to Repurpose Event Banners

Whether your event involves a Step & Repeat backdrop on a red carpet or a Building Wrap celebrating your company's 100th anniversary or initial public offering, the question is always asked..."What do I do with this huge banner after the event?" 

Unfortunately, most banners end up being packed in a box and left in a storage closet never to be seen or heard from again.  Given the amount of time and resources that went into their creation, this is a tremendous shame from both a marketing and environmental perspective.

At National Flag, we have been turning these banners into post-event souvenirs in the form of Custom Pillows, Messenger Bags and Tote Bags.  These items are "Green" from both a marketing and environmental perpspective. 

Please give us a call to discuss the many "green" possibilities for your post event banners and signage.


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  2. Great Job, as a retailer of Vinyl Banners our company has taken a active role in promoting the Upcycling Vinyl Banners. We feel this is a very worthwhile endeavor considering it is estimated that 600,00 tons of vinyl waste is discarded annually.